We are battle-hardened and proven to be ready for GDPR

June 1, 2018

The General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR), has gone into effect as of May 25th 2018. Read more below to find out how this regulation affects big data management with BC Platforms:

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR), is an EU data protection law replacing the previous Data Protection Directive. The purpose of this law is to set standards for organizations who process or monitor EU residents’ data to ensure data security and individuals access to manage their own data. The GDPR sets data control and security standards, provides the ‘right to erasure’, and establishes protocols for data breach notifications.

BC Platforms stores and provides access to patient information within the EU through a variety of products, and to ensure this data remains secure BC Platforms has instituted the security protocols and procedures in accordance with the GDPR standards.

GDPR Compliance and IT Security in BC Platforms Solutions

BC Platforms provides a variety of products, all of which are able to function as a database solution in a GDPR compliant project, environment or organization. It is good to understand that no software itself can alone guarantee GDPR compliance, but each organization is responsible for interpreting GDPR requirements and guidelines in their correct context for their particular organization. Therefore, the requirements for compliance must be decided by the organization. The chosen target level will affect the efforts in validating software, processes, and IT environment security.

BC Platforms’ Position

Given that we are a company that exists in 22 different countries, we have always abided by the strictest data privacy laws globally. With the onset of GDPR, we meet the highest level of data privacy, which assures that we support the needs of the customer in the most secure manner possible. Our 20 plus years of experience in the field have made our organization well aware and agile in terms of making sure we are prepared.

The Company

BC Platforms is a world leader in providing powerful genomic data management solutions to address some of the biggest healthcare challenges today by leveraging the convergence of genomics and information technologies. Founded in 1997, the Company has a strong scientific heritage underpinned by 20 years of working in close collaboration with a network of leading researchers, developers, manufacturers and vendors. Our high performing genomic data management platform enables flexible data integration, secure analysis and interpretation of molecular and clinical information. BC Platforms’ vision is to revolutionize drug development and clinical decision-making to bring personalized medicines to patients.

The Company has spent two decades fine tuning and creating high quality solutions to fit the needs to the scientific community. The solutions are, and have always been, highly secure. We adhere to general data protection laws in both the US and Europe. If you would like to review our Data Protection Policy, please click here.

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